We have always liked to mix, match, experiment, try and combine outfits in the world of Gor, and now we want to share this with you! We hope to inspire and challenge you with ideas and combinations of outfits that could suit your RP.

Our aims are two-fold:

1. Give you inspiration for your own outfits!

2. Give credit to those we got inspired by.. whether that is in sl or on other blogs, your name will be mentioned! We simply like to give credit where credit is due..

The male outfits will mostly be in the Northern/Viking style, with an odd few Southern/Tahari outfits in between, done by Njordr Thorkildson (William Moonwinder).

The female outfits will mostly revolve around slave clothing, with an odd few free woman outfits in between, taken care off by Nyx (Anuchel Resident).

The looks of our avi’s (aside from clothing) will mostly be our own.. blond/rugged for Njordr, dark/taharian for Thurin, dark/taharian for Nyx. We might, at times, mention parts of it, but we will mainly focus on the outfits!

We hope to bring our first few outfits out soon, so stay tuned!



Njordr and Nyx



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